Let’s fix your website

Our audit returns all the stats and metrics about your website. This helps users (SEO beginners) to understand their websites better. It also helps professional SEO to benchmark their website against others that are already performing well.

Technical SEO Audit

No one wants to go through 20 pages of a PDF report. We provide an actionable report with helpful suggestions & explanations so you know exactly what and where to change it on the site. You can hand over the report to your web developer or get your hands on it!

Who Needs Them?

Technical SEO audits are ideal for anyone that want to measure their current level of organic search performance, identify technical errors that could be holding them back from ranking higher in Google and get a sense of how feasible it would be for them to reach the top rankings in SERPs.

Our services are suitable for small business owners, webmaster, or freelancer that owns their website. Learn SEO while performing fixes on your website

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