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We’re Venture Icon Media, a digital marketing agency.

Our Services


Our team of backlinks experts dive into your brand and create a backlink strategy that works for your brand and your budget.

Content Marketing

Our team is going to create, publish, and distribute content for a targeted audience across many online web properties.

DIgital PR

Our PR experts will increase awareness of your brand using online methods. It’s similar to traditional PR, but it offers the opportunity to reach a much broader audience.

Technical Site Audit

Our audit returns all the stats and metrics about your website. This helps users to understand their websites better.

Website Develpement

Our team of developers will design and build robust, fast, well optimized website that we can rank in Google Search Engine.

SEO Strategy

Improve your local and national rankings & grow your digital presence with our link-building services.

No Hacking. All Strategy.

We refuse to put limits on the growth of your brand.

Good marketing is great for the soul. We’re not your standard digital marketing agency, as we operate on an independent basis meaning that we have no red tape to cross when it comes to achieving the desired marketing results for you.

We understand marketing inside and out, specialising in producing award-winning SEO, digital PR and paid advertising campaigns that make a real difference to a business’s development and growth, even in some of the most saturated industries.

It’s not a problem if you’re unsure which solution is best for your business as we’ll walk you through how we carry out each of our individual and integrated services to make sure you have full transparency of what we do and how we do it.

Count on us

You can count on us not only for a service, but for all the necessary assembly for your marketing engine – from Strategy, Content Marketing and Web development.

Your Account Manager will be the single point of contact that will help you direct all activities and delivery of services. Thus, if there are changes in the campaigns or changes of priorities, you do not have to give directions to 3, maybe 4 agencies, but rather coordinate everything with one person.

This will save you up to 80% of the time spent in meetings, increasing the quality of all deliverables (for example, multi-channel campaigns and the visual materials needed), but also lower your stress.

Why Choose us

Our agency operates on the basis of high efficiency - we have low fixed costs, which helps us offer very competitive pricing and industry-leading performance.

No fancy offices or expensive dinners out with potential partners - the budget invested with us will be used for delivering you high quality results

Each member of our team is a specialist in his field - thus, each client benefits from the highest level of professionalism and quality for each service category provided.

Customer Testimonials

“ We have been working with the Venture Icon Media for 9 months now and we couldn't be happier with the support and services they have provided. ”

“ The Venture Icon Media team helped us with our email marketing automations and did an outstanding job. The team is professional, efficient and very friendly ”

“ Had a great experience working with them. Spoke with many different marketing agencies and one of the best out there. ”

“ We have loved working with Venture Icon media team the past 6 months, they have been extremely adaptable whilst working with us and we have had some great results in our online sales as a result of their work. ”

“ We have been working with The Good Marketer for a year now. They have worked miracles in increasing our sales. ”


Mike Belsky

VP of Marketing


Mariya Wilson

Director of Growth


Jennifer Smith

Chief Marketing Officer


Tom Morgan

Head of Marketing


Barbara Wang

Director of Organic Search

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